Contemporary American Artist Mark Beck is considered one of the country’s top realism and landscape painters. With a unique vision and decades-long career, he is well known for his iconic and bold images of the American landscape.

Beck is represented by several of the best art galleries in the U.S.  As a prolific artist with long-standing gallery relationships, his work now hangs in several of the world’s most prestigious art collections, both private and public.

To acquire his work, visit the fine art dealers who represent him here:


Having been a professional artist for more than 35 years, I have had the pleasure of collaborating with interior designers, film production companies, movie directors, and more.  Additionally, my galleries are the place to see my latest paintings and they can be trusted to find just the right painting for you.

Commissions are always exciting to take on and I have painted dozens of them, one of my favorites being a 14-foot-long painting custom made for the home of John Nordstrom, commissioned through Travis Hansson Fine Art in NY.  I enjoy the process of learning about how to offer clients something unique.  If there is a painting you see on my website that’s not currently available, please connect with me or my galleries and we can assist in finding the perfect painting for your client, home, or business.

Select collaborators and collectors:

  • Barclay Butera Interior Design.  In his personal collection as well as placement with clients.
  • Travis Hansson, Private Fine Art Dealer, Beverly Hills, CA.
  • John Nordstrom.
  • Paris Barclay, Director.  In his personal collection films such as “In Treatment” and “NYPD Blue.”
  • Andy Greenwald, Director, paintings featured in new “Briar Patch” TV series.
  • Steven Botchko, Film Production Company.
  • Mark Singer Architects, Laguna Beach, CA.
  • Della Robbia Italia, Ad Campaign for Dwell Magazine.
  • Rick Bernstein, HBO Sports Center.
  • Kim Fiscus Interior Design, San Francisco.