A selection of magazine covers featuring Beck’s work:

Mark Beck's painting on the cover of Marin Magazine

Cover of Marin Magazine 2008

Artist Mark Beck's painting on the cover of Pasadena Magazine

Cover Pasadena Magazine 1996

Cover of Cape Cod Art Summer 2015

  • July 2018 Issue of American Art Collector
  • July 2017 Issue of American Art Collector
  • June 2015 American Art Collector


American Art Collector Magazine, July 2018 Issue.
American Art Collector Magazine, July 2017 Issue.
Marin Magazine – Extraordinary Living, June 2008, Cover of Magazine – Painting: “Cape Wind- Wellfleet”
American Art Collector Magazine, December 2007 Issue and July 2006 Issue
Coast Magazine, April 2005 Issue. Collector Barclay Butera Interior Design featuring Mark Beck paintings, pg. 88.
Country Home Magazine, Sept. 2005 issue. Hollywood Sequel, A Vintage Los Angeles Home becomes an elegant backdrop…” pgs. 73-75.
Southwest Art Magazine, Dec. 2004 issue, cover story, The Homing Instinct: Painting Houses and Other Structures Allows Mark Beck to
Comment on the Human Condition, by Editor Bonnie Ganglehoff. Pgs. 92-95.
Crosswinds Weekly, Albuquerque, NM, August 14, 2003, pg. 26, Art Scene review by L. Polisar.
Albuquerque Journal, August 17, 2003, page F6, Art Review by Wesley Pulkka.
Albuquerque Alibi, August 21, 2003, pg. 25, Art Review by Steven Robert Allen.
Southwest Art Magazine, March 2001 issue. – Named “Top Contemporary Realist” with feature article.
Metropolitan Home Magazine, Della Robia Italia, ad campaign, May 2003, May 2002, Issues. Featured painting: “Industrial Building.”
Coast Magazine, Cover, May 1999 Issue. Featured painting on Cover: “House by the Sea.”
Los Angeles Times, (with TV series NYPD Blue) December 8, 1997. Interview with Director Paris Barclay. Barclay requested permission to
film a painting he owns of Beck’s for his TV series finale and was photographed with this painting for the LA Times interview. Featured
painting: “Remote Facility.”
Pasadena Magazine, cover, Winter 1996 Issue and Art Review of Twin Palms show, Pasadena Bridge. Painting: “Contemplating Suicide Bridge.”
Orange County Magazine, June 1992 issue. Feature article “Spectacular Homes of Orange County,” Painting: “Industrial Building.”
Better Homes and Gardens, April 2005 Issue- The West Coast Collector, page 152
Painting featured in HBO’s “In Treatment” with Gabriel Byrne, Painting titled “Truro Barns” used in two episodes – April 2009.