• Title:        Main Street USA

  • Size:         18″ x 21″

  • Medium:  Oil on Canvas

  • Available


Announcement!  Main Street USA has been selected for the juried exhibition Scapes and Scopes at the Huntington Beach Art Center which opens September 18, 2021.

I stood out in front of this abandoned house with my French easel, paint, and canvas on the tailgate of my truck for a couple of days. The dried weeds fall and the plywood curls, sags, and settles. All baking under the searing rays of the New Mexico sun. A family, or more, lived in this house.  Was it once the refuge of warmth and love that I imagined? Or was it doomed from the start? A place where a family tried to live but couldn’t? (Another scenario I imagined.) This old adobe house is the remnants of a mystery. I can’t help but wonder what happened here and why it’s been abandoned.  Who owns it and why has it fallen so far?