I roam the desert hills on a burro (my sturdy companion “Tito”) with my old wooden box of paints and a canteen of Marble IPA.  When we find a quiet spot that looks good, we take a break to watch the desert light change. That’s when I take out my supplies and enjoy beginning a new landscape painting…

I thought I’d share some of my newest work, my oil paintings and prints of New Mexico.

For anyone who has visited New Mexico, you are immediately struck by the Land of Enchantment with her clear light, expansive horizons, and piercing blue skies. I was born in New Mexico but lived and studied art in California for most of my adult life. I finally moved back to New Mexico to buy a property near open space, have a nice studio and enjoy the beauty and creativity that New Mexico has in abundance.  The number of world class artists here is staggering and inspiring.  I especially love the Native American art and muralists who live here. I find it one of the most interesting places to live and work.

It’s easy to paint here, as many professional artists know.  There is open space galore and you can get out of town in 5 minutes and feel the desolate beauty and solitude of the high desert.

Because my galleries are on the coasts, I don’t often make paintings of New Mexico.  But lately I have been experimenting with painting beautiful old adobes, New Mexico churches, mountains and acequias. Here are a few of my oil paintings.  You can also see many of my New Mexico paintings by visiting my online print shop www.markbeckfineart.com.     Or, the Landscape section of this website.

Please drop me a line to inquire about my New Mexico series!