Four New Portraits

Now showing at Merritt Gallery in Baltimore. These beautiful portraits are all painted on panels.

Contact Merritt Gallery here if you are interested in scheduling a viewing.

    A Fundraiser for Fellow Artists

    Today I am working on a painting to donate to The Gatherings Project.  I like what Project Creator, Artist Lynda Lowe, has to say about it:

    “Perhaps now more than ever we are in need of what the arts can offer. They revive our souls, enliven our senses, provide pause, and give voice to our fears and vulnerabilities. Gatherings is an art and poetry based project that experiments with giving and receiving and is a response to the difficulties of the current global health crisis. The essence of this project is sharing your experience and its expansion through the community that it gathers.”

    The project begins with 54 artists and 54 poets who collaborate to create a beautiful wooden box with original poetry and gifts added inside.  I’ve been invited to paint the cover of one of these boxes and it will be matched with a poet who creates something just for this box. Somewhere along the box’s travels I get to choose a recipient. Each recipient is then asked to add something inside – something that speaks to their experience during this challenging time of Covid-19.  I’m looking forward to seeing how this develops.

    This is a way for our voices to be heard during all this social distancing and for us to find connection together. The giving-receiving cycle will continue until August 19th when the last person who has the Gatherings box will send it to the Patricia Rovzar Gallery in Seattle to show for the exhibition and fundraiser. Boxes and their contents will be on display during September, up for sale, then all proceeds will be donated to non-profit organizations with established relief funds for creatives. 

    You can see the list of participating, Galleries, Artists and Poets here.

    After I finish this painted box, I am going to send it to one of my favorite New Mexican Artists…stay tuned to find out who gets it next and see what they add inside!


    If you would like more information on how to purchase this painting and contribute to the fundraiser, get in touch with me here: