Cape Cod      24″ x 49″     Acrylic on Panel

Cape Wind   24″ x 49″     Acrylic on Panel

Little Island   24″ x 49″     Acrylic on Panel

Seattle Show August 2020

Here are some of my newest paintings.  They are all painted on panel, a really exciting technique because it has a totally different feel from painting on canvas with its smooth layering of paint.   They are rather large paintings, measuring 24″ x 49.”  They will be part of my Solo Exhibition at Patricia Rovzar Gallery in Seattle opening in August 2020.

With landscape painting, I really enjoy painting moving water.  For example, Niagara Falls is spellbinding and I become engrossed with watching videos of it.  Large expanses of ocean, heaving swells, crashing waves, and more give me endless inspiration.  So, with this body of work I am developing over the next few months, I find myself wanting to juxtapose human settlement with nature.  From a bird’s eye view, as in these three paintings, it all seems perfect.  However, the relationship between us and nature has become more of a confrontation than a simple interface. Due to humanity’s unbalanced self-interest, our species has placed itself in a precarious position.  Ultimately, the greater power will emerge.

I’ve spent a lot of time painting on Cape Cod and I frequently go back there for subject matter.  However, I don’t usually paint from life but from memory when I work in my studio in New Mexico.  Cape Cod expresses how I feel when I visit Cape Cod – my memories of connection there.

Because I now live in the desert, I especially love painting oceans when it starts getting hot in New Mexico. I spend hours and hours painting what feels like every drop of water in that ocean and it becomes a meditation.  The houses I paint are an artistic culmination of hours spent drawing on Cape Cod and my years working as an art student traveling and painting throughout Maine.

There will be approximately 15 new paintings for this upcoming show.  I will post more here as I go along.  I invite you to check back in and see my progress as the show evolves and finally gets delivered to the show in Seattle.

Hopefully you can make it to The Patricia Rovzar Gallery for the opening, say hi, and see them in person.