New Release! House on the Hill

House on the Hill - Hand-Signed, Limited Edition of 60. I'm very excited to announce my newly released limited edition fine archival print House on the Hill.  It is a large-format high quality giclee print and I will be releasing only 60 in this edition. The Central Coast of California between Cambria and San Simeon, near Hearst Castle, is what I had in mind when I made House on the Hill, and the incredibly deep blues and greens of this wild, lush stretch of coast. From this viewpoint, looking out over [...]

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Beck’s Work at Laguna Art Museum’s California Cool 2021

January 2021 Beck’s Work Featured in Laguna Art Museum’s Invitational – California Cool 2021 Featured Painting:  Horizon, 30" x 40" oil on linen. From January 11 to February 6, 2021, Laguna Art Museum will present its 39th annual California Cool Art Auction. Featuring over 100 works by California artists, this museum-curated auction will once again be conducted online via Artsy, and will feature special virtual content with Aaron Bastian of Bonhams. This truly is a cool event, and an exciting opportunity to purchase great artwork at an amazing price to benefit the museum.  [...]

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New Summer Show at Sue Greenwood Fine Art Opens July 20

  Save the date!  New Summer Group Show "Summer Breeze" opens July 20 at Sue Greenwood Fine Art in Laguna Beach, CA. Please stop by for the opening if you are in the area this summer. The show features the work of 8 unique artists and runs July 20-Sept. 10.  Artists include Jessica Brilli, Stephen Coyle, Tom Judd, Timothy Mulligan, John Randall Nelson, Glenn Ness, and Siddharth Parasnis. Hope to see you there. Mark

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Splendid Isolation

Splendid Isolation  24 x 24  Acrylic on panel. Hi everyone, For those of you who collect my work, you know I love to paint houses. It's how I started my career in the 80's as a California painter, highly influenced by Edward Hopper, my true north at the time. Now my style has evolved along with my palette and content, with influences ranging from contemporary muralists (grafitti) to politics to conceptual art.  Moving to New Mexico has also expanded my artistic horizons - there are so many world class [...]

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Land of Enchantment Series

I roam the desert hills on a burro (my sturdy companion "Tito") with my old wooden box of paints and a canteen of Marble IPA.  When we find a quiet spot that looks good, we take a break to watch the desert light change. That's when I take out my supplies and enjoy beginning a new landscape painting... I thought I'd share some of my newest work, my oil paintings and prints of New Mexico. For anyone who has visited New Mexico, you are immediately struck by [...]

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Pink – The Sweet Side of Red

PINK - The Sweet Side of Red. I've been exploring pink for some time in my work. Looking back on the last ten months, 90 percent of them feature a vibrant selection of pink. I've read that pink can symbolize: youth harmony friendship affection inner peace approachability It's no wonder I am using pink so often in my paintings right now.  These are the concepts I unconsciously reach for every time I get to my palette and start mixing it up; concepts which are my "true north" when I feel a [...]

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Where’d You Hear That?

I felt compelled to post this painting I made in December 2019 for the Patricia Rovzar Gallery in Seattle because it very much directly relates to what is going on in the US right now. In the painting, you'll notice the wooden fence with collaged information I gathered from a newspaper from the 1980's. It heralds the anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg. I came across this old newspaper at a garage sale and immediately went to work in my studio laying down the printed images and words on [...]

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The Gatherings Project

A Fundraiser for Fellow Artists Today I am working on a painting to donate to The Gatherings Project.  I like what Project Creator, Artist Lynda Lowe, has to say about it: "Perhaps now more than ever we are in need of what the arts can offer. They revive our souls, enliven our senses, provide pause, and give voice to our fears and vulnerabilities. Gatherings is an art and poetry based project that experiments with giving and receiving and is a response to the difficulties of the current global health crisis. The essence [...]

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Reverse Painting on Glass Series

Bob Dylan, 10" x 8" Reverse (Acrylic) Painting on Glass This painting is one portrait from on ongoing series I am making about unique American artists. If you look at my book, you'll see artists with diverse talents such as James Baldwin, Bruce Springsteen, Lady Gaga, Mahalia Jackson, Kara Walker, Jackson Browne, Nina Simone, Latoya Ruby Frazier, and more. I recently painted Rhiannon Giddens, banjo-player, and former singer and songwriter for the Carolina Chocolate Drops.  Each artist was chosen for how they have contributed to my well being and [...]

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The World Outside

The World Outside sold through E & S Gallery, Louisville, KY. This painting is about how American society can often see Black men and boys as threatening and the thin protection from brutality Black folks are offered once they leave their home and step out into the world outside.  The drawing on the wall I have juxtaposed with the young Black man is a common symbol of innocence – a child’s drawing.   To the right is a red curtain symbolizing the thin protection Black men have in American society. This is [...]

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What Does An Artist Look Like?

I'm going to give you the story behind this painting.  The painting is titled "Portrait of the Artist at Home." In certain circles, the category of a Black female artist hasn't had a foothold in the minds of folks in the way that I think it deserves.  So, I painted what I wanted to see: a proud, beautiful female artist.  I'm certainly not the first person to consider the art establishment or sexism and racism but after getting so many questions about this painting, I felt compelled to say something.  Although I am [...]

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Available Now

If you are searching for a particular painting, this is where you can find it. Having been a professional artist for more than 35 years, I have had the pleasure of collaborating with interior designers, film production companies, movie directors, and more.  Additionally, my galleries are the place to see my latest paintings and they can be trusted to find just the right painting for you. Commissions are always exciting to take on and I have painted dozens of them, one of my favorites being a 14-foot-long painting custom made for the [...]

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Keepin’ Busy

I am very excited to announce my new limited-edition fine art prints. It all started with this Painting, The Light That Shines.  I had posted my progress while painting The Light That Shines on Instagram.  It gained a huge response from my followers who asked me to make this painting available as a print since the original had sold. The original oil painting went to a long-time collector of my work but the good news is that I can now offer my collectors a high-quality, limited-edition Giclee.  There will only be [...]

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New Paintings for Seattle Show

Cape Cod      24" x 49"     Acrylic on Panel Cape Wind   24" x 49"     Acrylic on Panel Little Island   24" x 49"     Acrylic on Panel Seattle Show August 2020 Here are some of my newest paintings.  They are all painted on panel, a really exciting technique because it has a totally different feel from painting on canvas with its smooth layering of paint.   They are rather large paintings, measuring 24" x 49."  They will be part of my Solo Exhibition at Patricia Rovzar [...]

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